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FDIS Certificated Inspectors are uniquely trained to undertake fire door inspections.
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      Why choose an FDIS inspector?

      The FDIS have been operating since 2012 and are well recognised in the fire door industry.

      Each approved FDIS inspector is subject to a thorough application, training, assessment and examination process, to ensure they are competent to carry out fire door inspections under the FDIS Competent Person Certification Scheme. All approved FDIS inspectors must adhere to the FDIS Scheme Rules and are subject to ongoing quality assurance and re-assessment, which includes providing evidence of current Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

      You can verify if an individual is an approved FDIS inspector by checking the ‘Approved FDIS Inspector’ search function on this page, or by contacting a member of the FDIS team on 02039784962.

      Further details relating to the application, training, assessment and examination process can be found on the ‘FDIS COURSES’ page.