FDIS Certified Inspector
The FDIS Competent Person Certification Scheme provides FDIS fire door inspectors, their clients and end users with the confidence and evidence that fire door inspections have been carried out by a fully trained and competent individual.

If you’ve completed the FDIS Diploma in Fire Doors and passed the final examination, you’re ready to apply to become an FDIS Certificated Fire Door Inspector. The FDIS have been operating since 2012 and are well recognised in various industries and by individuals who have responsibility for the safety of their buildings.

Each certified FDIS inspector is subject to a thorough application, training, assessment and examination process, to ensure they are competent to carry out fire door inspections under the FDIS Competent Person Certification Scheme.

Once an inspector has met the required standard and passed all levels of approval, they are then added to the FDIS Certified Fire Door Inspector Register, which is available so end users can verify the status of an FDIS Certified Fire Door Inspector.

Become an inspector under the FDIS Competent Person Certification Scheme

Key requirement to being certified under the FDIS Competent Person Certification Scheme

  • Affix the FDIS label to each fire door inspected
  • Submit CPD annually
  • Quality assured annually
  • Submit updated copies of insurances annually
  • Submit examples of fire door inspection reports annually
  • Follow the rules laid out in the FDIS Scheme Directives
  • Re-assessment every 3 years
FDIS Certified Inspector Breakdown of fees
Application fee
£150.00 + VAT

(Please note, application fee is non-refundable)
Stage 1

A combination of revision, theory and assessment in the form of the FDIS Certificated Inspector Workbook and portfolio assessment
£650.00 + VAT
Stage 2

On-site assessment and exam
£1,600.00 + VAT
Both stages must be completed to become a Certified Inspector, subject to approval
Total for Stage 1 and Stage 2 = £2250 + VAT

(Please note, the total fee excludes the application fee and the annual inspector fee)